The 2024 Spring retreat was held on April 10th, 2024 at the Paul D. Coverdell Center, the Keynote Speaker for the retreat was Dr. Sarah Blossom.

Take a look at the photo gallery from the full day of events!

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Congratulations to the ITP Spring Workshop Winners!

Platform: four-way tie

  • Ethan Shealy, Advisor: Benjamin Parrott
  • Kylie Tager, Advisor: Charles Easley
  • Erick Mollinedo, Advisor: Luke Naeher
  • Yufei Sui, Advisor: Qingguo Huang


  • First Place: Seth Currie, Advisor: Lili Tang
  • Second Place: Blake Benson, Advisor: Lili Tang
  • Third Place: Jonny Hancock, Advisor: Xiaoqin Ye

Honorable Mention:

  • Trevor Kalinowski, Advisor: Nick Filipov
  • Ignacio Llada, Advisor: Nick Filipov
  • Fatma Eldefrawy, Advisor: Tai Guo
  • Alejandra Bargues-Carot, Advisor: Anumantha Kanthasamy

FY 24-25 UGATOX board

  • Taylor Martin – President
  • Alyssa Otto – Vice President
  • Alejandra Bargues-Carot – Secretary
  • Fabian Tejedor-Rojas – Treasurer
  • Trever Kalinowski, Erick Mollinedo, Kylie Tager – Social Chairs