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Admission Requirements:

1. Score at least 50% in Verbal and Quantitative sections of GRE.

2. Minimum GPA scores should be 3.00 for Undergrad and 3.30 for Graduate degrees held.

2. Submit a complete application.

3. Have an ITP faculty member willing to serve as an Advisor.



Thank you for your interest in graduate programs within the UGA Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program (ITP). This program offers a Master of Science and Ph.D. in Toxicology.

All completed applications will be reviewed by the ITP Admissions Committee. This year the first review takes place in mid-November. As additional completed applications arrive, additional review sessions will occur.

Recommendations of acceptance will usually be sent to the Graduate School soon after each review session. The Graduate School will then send notifications to applicants.

Current UGA Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program MS students who wish to transfer to the Ph.D. program should submit a full application including GRE scores and letters of recommendation to the ITP program office for consideration by the admissions committee.

All successful UGA Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program applicants must have a toxicology faculty member who has agreed to take on/serve as a major advisor. The applicant must identify faculty working in areas of interest, then begin a dialogue with those faculty members. The toxicology office should be kept informed of your progress in this area. Faculty members willing to become major advisors will be listed on this page under "Major Advisor Announcement" and on the Program Director's page.  THIS LIST MAY NOT BE COMPLETE!!  It is always a good idea to view our Faculty listings and determine if anyone is doing research you are interested in also doing.  Once you identify prospective faculty members, you should make contact with them.


Additional information for International Applicants

International applicants need to send this additional information to the Graduate School:

  • TOEFL scores
  • After a student has been accepted by the program, please send the following:
    • Certificate of Finances (COF) form
    • Financial Certification Statement
    • Visa Information

We can help

If you have a question or you'd like to learn more about our program, feel free to contact us:

John Wagner, ProfessorGraduate Coordinator
Physiology & Pharmacology, College of Veterinary Medicine
2207a College of Veterinary Medicine, Athens

Joanne Mauro, Administrative Coordinator
Toxicology Program, Graduate School
341 Pharmacy South, Athens