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James V. Bruckner, Dept. Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

  • 11/01/11 – 10/31/13. Council for the Advancement of Pyrethroid Human Risk Assessment. “Characterization of Potential Age-Related Differences in the Pharmacokinetics of Pyrethroids: In Vivo, In Situ and In Vitro Studies in Rats and Human Systems. PI; B. Cummings, M. Bartlett, J. Zastre, C. White.

Robert Bringolf, Fish Biology and Ecotoxicology

  1. 2013 – 2014.  Gulf sturgeon movement, spawning habitats, and mussel interactions in the ACF Basin above Jim Woodruff Lock and Dam. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and The Nature Conservancy.  PI: R. Bringolf.
  2.  2012-2013.  Innovative Instruction Faculty Grant.  University of Georgia. PI: R. Bringolf.
  3.  2011-2016.  Investigations of life history and contaminant effects on white sturgeon in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta.  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.  Co-PIs: D. Peterson and R. Bringolf.
  4.  2010-2015.  Assessment of contaminants and impacts in the Upper Conasauga River.  United States Geological Survey.  PI: P. Lasier.  Co-PIs: R. Bringolf, S. Hassan.

Travis Glenn, Dept. of Environmental Health Science - 1. EAGER Collaborative Research: Using ultraconserved elements (UCEs) as genomic markers to study shallow levels of evolutionary divergence. National Science Foundation, DEB-1242241.  T. Glenn.  06/15/2012 – 06/14/2013. Role – UGA PI.   2. Dimensions: Testing the potential of pathogenic fungi to control the diversity, distribution, and abundance of tree species in a neotropical forest community.  National Science Foundation, . S. Hubbell, B. Faircloth, G. Gilbert, M. Saunders, and T. Glenn.  DEB-1136626  03/2012 – 02/2017. Role – Co-PI (PI of UGA subaward)    3. Building the Framework of Biodiversity Science:  Next Generation Phylogenomics.  Smithsonian Institution Grand Challenge Awards. M. Braun, K. Wurdack, W. Wcislo, J. Maldonado, K. Helgen, S. Brady; M. Cummings, T. Glenn, B. Faircloth, R. Brumfield, E. Braun, J. McCormack, N. Crawford, N. White.  01/2012 – 07/2014. Role – Co-PI   4. PIRE:  Genetics of invasive species exchanged between the Southeastern U.S. and China, Taiwan & Hong Kong.  National Science Foundation (OISE-0730218) R. Mauricio, K. Myhre, T. Glenn, R. Walcott. Role – Co-PI.  09/2007 – 08/2013.    5. Phylogenetic utility of ultra-conserved elements for the avian tree of life.  Smithsonian Next Generation Sequencing Small Grants Program. M. Braun, N. White, T. Glenn, B. Faircloth, R. Brumfield, E. Braun, J. McCormack, N. Crawford.  10/2011 – 06/2013.  Role – Co-PI.     6. The crocodilian triumvirate: a genome draft for the Indian Gharial. Ray, Green, Glenn, McCarthy, Schmidt, Peterson, Densmore, Brochu, Braun, Pollock, Jarvis, Hoffmann, Sawyer, Gongora, Abzhanov. National Science Foundation. MCB-052500. Role:  Senior Personnel.    7. Schistosoma haematobium genome sequencing to develop DNA markers in support of the SCORE program.  SCORE (funded by Gates Foundation).  PI - T. C. Glenn, 12/2008 – 12/2013.

Sayeed Hassan, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences -  2010 - 2014 US Fish and Wildlife Service,  Lasier PJ, Bringolf RB, Hassan SM. “Agricultural Chemicals and Stormwater Runoff: Potential Impacts on Rare and Threatened Aquatic Species in the Upper Conasauga River.”

Qingguo Huang, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences  - Pi. PI, US DoD, Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program, 2011-2014, Remediation of Perfluoroalkyl Contaminated Aquifer Using an In-situ Two-layer Barrier: Laboratory Batch and Column Study   2. PI, US Air Force, Civil Engineering Center, 2012-2015, In-situ Enzymatic Oxidative Treatment for Perfluorinated Compounds

Luke Naeher, Dept. of Environmental Health Science - 1. Planning for a Global Environmental Health Hub based in Chile Steenland (PI)/Naeher (Co-PI) 09/2012 – 08/2014 Submitted in response to: RFA-TW-12-001, Limited Competition: Planning Grants for Hubs of Interdisciplinary Research and Training in Global Environmental and Occupational Health (GEOHealth) (P20)
2. Biomarkers of Exposure to and Health Effects from SHS in Outdoor Smoking Areas  Naeher (PI) 07/2010–06/2013NIEHS, 1R21ES017845-01A1  3. Environmental epidemiology and exposure assessment - indoor air pollution and biomass exposure.
Naeher (PI)  09/2011 – 09/2013  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Inter-Professional Agreement (IPA), 11IPA1103874  4. International Training and Research in Environmental and Occupational Health (Peru) Steenland (PI)/Naeher (co-PI) 07/2007 – 08/2013  NIH, Fogarty International Center, 5D43TW005746-10

Ron Riley, USDA-ARS  - 1. Mycotoxins and Birth Defects: A Global Health Concern”/ NIH RC4 (1RC4HD067971-01)  Riley Co-PI
2. Mycotoxins as a Risk Factor in Childhood Growth Impairment Worldwide”/ Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Riley Co-PI
3. Asociación entre los niveles fisológicos de los marcadores de la exposición de fumonisina y defectos del tubo neural en Guatemala”/Fondo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia Guatemala (FODECYT)/ Riley Co-investigator   4. The fate and effect of 2-Amino-14,16-dimethyloctadecan-3-ol in cells”/  ARS Agreement No. 58-0204-9M-F132 (MOU between ARS and the Veterinary Institute of Norway), Riley Co-investigator

Steve Stice, Dept of animal and dairy science, - DoD BAA grant on Neural stem cells as biosensors.

Ralph A. Tripp - 1. R01 AI070847-07A2 (PI, Biao He).  NIH/ NIAID. Title: “Developing a Paramyxovirus-based H5N1 Vaccine”
Develop a PIV5-based influenza virus vectored vaccine. 6/01/09 – 06/24/13  2. - 1 U01 AI083005-01 (PI, Andrew Mellor) NIH/NIAID. Title: “Manipulating natural host immunoregulation via IDO during viral infection” Iinvestigate the mechanisms of natural immunoregulation during influenza viral infection centered around the immunosuppressive enzyme indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase (IDO).
03/01/09 – 07/31/14   3. NIAID0DMID-07-20: (Director: Walter Orenstein)NIH/NIAID. Title: “NIAID Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance” Provide a nationwide resource in defense against influenza virus.  Co-Director of this NIAID Center.   03/30/07 – 03/29/14    4. R01 AI088744-01-01 (PI, Ralph A. Tripp). NIH/ NIAID. Title: “RSV Nanocapsule Vaccine Engineered with a G Protein Peptide Payload”  Develop a safe and effective RSV vaccine. 04/01/2010 – 03/31/2015

Anne O. Summers, Dept of Microbiology 1. DOE ER64983  Defining the Molecular-Cellular-Field Continuum of Mercury Detoxification, Summers (PI) with collaborators at UCSF.  5/10/10-6/14/14  2. DOE ER65064 Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Mercury Transformation, Summers (PI) with collaborators at UCSF and U Tennessee-Oak Ridge Nat. Lab. 9/1/10-8/31/14
3. DOE ER65286  Identifying Key Proteins in Mercury Methylation Pathways by Global Proteomics, Summers (PI) with collaborators at UCSF, U Missouri, and Pacific NW Nat’l Lab   9/15/11-11/29/14